Five Simple Things to Improve Your Whole Body Health

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Balance is a very important factor in our everyday lives, however, one that we don’t often think about until after a fall or injury. So try taking a proactive approach and challenge your balance system every day. One way to do this would be to try standing on one leg for ten seconds every day. Choose a certain activity that you do daily (i.e. brushing your teeth) and try standing on one leg while you do this.


Muscles provide our ability to move from point A to point B, therefore it is essential to keep them strong. Good muscle strength helps support joints and can prevent injury. A simple exercise that you can add to your daily routine is trying to get out of a firm chair without the use of your arms (or as little help as possible).   The ability to achieve this task indicates good leg strength, which you need to achieve task essential to everyday life (i.e. toileting, getting in and out of a chair, car, etc.)


Don’t you know you should always listen to your mother? That’s right, when you mother told you to “Stand up straight”, she actually knew what she was talking about. Your posture impacts every aspect of your body, therefore when it is out of line (rounded, slouched) you are creating abnormal stress on joints, muscles, tendons and ligaments. Here is a simple way to know if you are in proper posture: When you stand up your ear should be directly over your shoulder, which should be directly over your hip, which should be directly over your ankle.


Strive to walk somewhere every day! For those of you that are active, kudos to you, however, try to do more. Make a goal each day to try moving more and sitting less!


Your muscles and organs depend on water to work properly. When you do not drink enough water your muscle tissue is more likely to cramp and your organs are under more stress. Make a goal each day to drink more water! Try setting a cup of water by you whether you are at work or at home. Having it beside you is a visual reminder to drink more often.


– Julie Martin, PTA


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